Monday, August 24, 2009

A week away!

We are a week away! I have a lot of stuff on order and am hoping that it all gets here on time. I found our hitting discs on the front step today, shipped UPS right to the front door. We ordered a bunch of new hitting devices that will be good for practice. I know Coach Bechelli will be happy...he loves that stuff!

I patched up our old batting cage again..hopefully for the last time. We will be getting a new one for the 2010-2011 season. We are putting in a divide in the 1B side batting cage so we can make more hitting stations. Coach Bechelli and I are going to be cementing in some poles so we can put the SWING AWAYS on them. They will be located next to the newer cage on the 3B side.

There is all kinds of grass on the infield still so I am enlisting the help of Paz, Andy and JJ Janzy Jaynes. come Thursday. We have a lot to do on the field. We should be hanging the new windscreen this week. It will really dress up the field.

I am working on some bat racks and going to put in shelves for helmets in the dugout. That way everything is easy to grab and will stay dry. Maybe the sophomores can paint something cool in the dugouts this year to make it look even better.

Well...back to work!

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