Friday, December 13, 2013

A Hall of Fame Softball Career at SBU

Want to be a Hall of Famer at SBU?  Here are some numbers to think about.

Freshman Year (47 games)
Average .306 (41-134), 8 (2B), 1 (3B), 3 (HR), 10 (RBI), 55 (TB), .410 (Slugging %), 8-10 (SB)
Sophomore Year (43 games)
Average .328 (43-131), 10 (2B), 9 (3B), 4 (HR), 23 (RBI), 83 (TB) .634 (Slugging %) 8-8 (SB)
Junior Year (34 games)
Average .296 (29-98), 9 (2B), 0 (3B), 6 (HR), 23 (RBI), 56 (TB), .571 (Slugging %), 8-9 (SB)
Senior Year (40 games)
Average .343 (46-134), 14 (2B), 1 (3B), 11 (HR), 49 (RBI), 95 (TB), .709 (Slugging %), 4-4 (SB)

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year (36 games)
Average .333 (34-102), 6 (2B), 5 (3B), 1 (HR), 17 (RBI), 53 (TB), .520 Slugging %), 0-1 (SB)
Junior Year (38 games)
Average .395 (47-119), 8 (2B), 4 (3B), 7 (HR), 28 (RBI), 84 (TB), .706 Slugging %), 7-7 (SB)
Senior Year (47 games)
Average ..414 (60-145), 10 (2B), 3 (3B), 10 (HR), 35 (RBI), 106 (TB), .731 Slugging %), 6-6 (SB)


DECEMBER 13th...
One month from today the Bonnies begin their quest to get back to A10 post-season play after missing out the past 4 seasons.  Indoor practice in Butler Gym and the Reilly Center will begin on January 13th.  I am really looking forward to it.  It is a big challenge but a challenge that I know we are up for! 

AND....almost two months to the day, February 14th, we open our season against the University of Maine in Charleston, SC and the Charleston Southern tournament.  The "OFF" season of semester break is important for staying strong and staying fit.  I know the Bonnies will be ready. 

- Coach 3House

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Experience the magic of the little school that has a big heart. 
St. Bonaventure University.

Operation Christmas Child

The Bonnies put together 23 gift boxes for an orphanage in India.  This is the 5th year the Bonnies have supported children that have little or nothing during the Christmas season.  I am proud of them for their service to others.

SOFTBALL SIGNS 4 for 2014!

Here is the next class of Bonnies that will arrive in the fall of 2014.  Welcome to the family!




Catching up with the Bonnies

It was October that I last posted on here.  I apologize but it has been very busy.  There is a lot going on in the Universe and I had to catch up with all of that before I got caught up on here.  I hope all of you are looking forward to the spring.  I know I am!

Last month I had the honor of presenting Tricia Hildebrand Fisher into the St. Bonaventure Athletic Hall of Fame.  Trish is the second softball player who has been inducted since SBU became a Division I team.  The other was Jen Bovee who I also had the privilege to coach.  Both women are very deserving of the honor.  Here are a few pictures of the day.


I am looking forward to putting many more Bonnies in the Hall over the next few years and looking ahead to watching some of the current Bonnies blossom into to possible Hall of Fame members.  Congratulations, Trish!