Monday, September 7, 2009

Bonnies Roll against Monroe

The Bonnies are off to a good start with a pair of wins (4-1, 7-2) against Monroe Community College. I was happy, for the most part, with what I saw. We had a great approach at the plate which we worked extremely hard on the first week back.

Our defense has always been strong but we have to get better at throwing out runners and making sure we are in our proper spots on cuts and specialty defenses. That just takes experience and lots of practice. We were aggressive and that is a positive...we will have to continue to learn how hard we have to play to compete against Division I competition.

Our true test comes this weekend at the Nan Harvey / Canisius Tournament in Amherst. I am looking forward to a strong week of practice and a great weekend in Buffalo! Game times are 10am (Canisius) and 12pm (Buffalo) on Saturday and 10am (Niagara) and 12pm (Championships Game) on Sunday. See you there!

Seeger, 1-4(1 Run Scored)
Narde, 0-2(2 Sacrifice Bunts, 1 Run Scored)
Enderby, 3-3(1 RBI, 2B)
Frey, 1-3(1 RBI)
Nowak, 1-2(1 RBI)
Morenus, 1-2
Warfield, 0-0
Wells, 1-2(1 Run Scored)
Frye, 0-1
Pendlebury, 0-2
Conte, 0-1
Phalon, 1-1(1 Run Scored)
Storch, 1-2

Thompson, 4 innings pitched, Win...3 K's
Nargi, 3 innings pitched, 5 K's

Seeger, 0-3(1 RBI...Sacrifice fly)
Narde, 2-3(1 Run Scored)
Enderby, 1-4(2 RBI)
Morenus, 1-4(1 Run Scored)
Warfield, 0-0
Rajski, 0-2(1 Sacrifice bunt)
Wells, 0-3(1 Run Scored, HBP)
Andujar, 2-2(3 Runs Scored, 2B, 2 RBI)
Taylor, 2-3(1 Run Scored)
Sullivan, 2-3(1 RBI)

Phalon, 4 innings pitched, Win...1 K
Conte, 3 innings pitched

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