Monday, October 5, 2009

Flag Football Final...

Softball 24, Lacrosse 16. Both team played really well and it was a great time! The softball team was geared up from the start and took an 16-6 lead in the first half but Lacrosse came storming back with a safety that made is 16-8 then a touchdown to tie it up 16-16, late in the third quarter.

An interception by softball midway through the 4th quarter led to a touchdown with less than a minute left in the 4th. Softball was up 24-16 and Lacrosse took it down to the softball 10 yard line with 8 seconds left. Softball held the line and won the game 24-16!

The softball team got a little flustered as their lead dwindled but held on for the win by making some big plays down the stretch. Lesson learned about keeping your can't dwell on the negative, you MUST find a way to win the game. If we do that in the 2010 softball season, we will be very successful. A great job by both teams!! GO BONAS!

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