Friday, December 18, 2009

The Fall Semester ends...

The semester has ended. I know the ladies are really happy that finals are over and they get a chance to spend some time with their families around the holidays. I am sure our grades will be outstanding once again...the team has been committed to academics for many years. I am always proud when the final GPA's come out.

It was a very productive fall semester. We had a successful fall season going 6-2 and we really came together as a team. Speaking to everyone last week, I heard lots of positive talk about how our team chemistry is very good. I hope it stays that's the only way we can win a championship.

We have ordered our new uniforms for the spring. We are going to have a different look to us. You won't see much brown in them. We went to black and white with a touch of vegas gold. We went with Adidas with Adidas spikes. We are going to look like we have to learn to play like champions.

We still need some help raising donations to pay for the new uniforms and other program needs, so if anyone would like to help or knows of someone, please support the ladies. They are outstanding in everything they do.

We have an great schedule and I am looking forward to the spring. I told all the ladies that I was going to be selfish this spring. I want to win a championship THIS YEAR!! No more waiting. No more going to the championships and going home early. It's time to WIN one. Everyone of them responded by saying that was what they wanted most of all as well. When something is one of the most important things in the world to you, you will do almost anything to achieve it. I am going to put them to the test this spring. We have the potential to be great...but potential is nothing without hard work, dedication and commitment. EVERYONE has to commit to WINNING, to EACH OTHER and do EVERYTHING they possibly can, to make themselves and the team better. I know we have the players to do that!

Our non-conference schedule is a fair one but tough. Our southern swing will be a test of our road warrior blood. Barnstorming through the Carolinas will be a great time. Back home we face our toughest challenge in Canisius who has dominated softball in NY State for years. Coach Rappl is an outstanding coach. Niagara is always tough to play and the University at Buffalo is building a winner very quickly with a committed coaching staff and with players from around the country. We will have our hands full with the Big 4.

The Atlantic 10 is going to be stronger this season. Coach Sortino's Umass squad has been the best team in the Northeast for decades. Charlotte and Fordham are powerhouses. Dayton, St. Louis, St. Joe's and Temple are all on the upswing...saying nothing of George Washington, LaSalle and Rhode Island. I know the coaches in this conference and all of them are outstanding. They will make their teams better so we must be ready.

We have risen to a high level over the past 5 years but we need to get better. There are higher levels to achieve at. We can do it. We will do it!

Hope to see all this spring. Bring your rally caps and loudest SBU softball cheering voices. It's going to be a great time! GO BONAS!!!!

~ Mike

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