Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi Everyone...

I have neglected the blog lately but that was by choice. We have been hard at work preparing for the coming season and I am really happy with what I am seeing. The team is working extremely hard in the weight room, the hardest I have seen in my 15 years of coaching softball at SBU. It will pay off in more wins in 2011.

The pitchers and catchers have been throwing for about three weeks and I am amazed how quickly they have taken to our new pitching instructor, Paul Furlong. He has done a great job just getting them started with the right mind set and work ethic. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get us where we want to be but the pitchers have set the bar high.

Our schedule is complete and Hawaii looms at the end of February. If playing in Hawaii is not enough to get you fired up then playing 2010 Women's College World Series participant, The University of Hawaii should give you chills. If playing that kind of competition does not get your blood boiling, then you are not alive! I am really excited about the prospects of the coming season.

The semester is coming to a close and I know the ladies are working hard on their grades. We take pride in our grades at SBU. They are the MOST important thing we do. Softball is the greatest game in the world but it can not and never will hold a candle to the importance of a great education. I sleep well knowing that the ladies in my care will get a quality and worthwhile educational experience. I salute all the student-athletes at SBU and across the country that make their academics the number one priority in their collegiate career. GO BONAS!


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