Friday, March 4, 2011

The Luau and two great days of practice...

It has been a busy two days here in Hawaii. On Wednesday the day started with our first practice outside! We were able to get on the University if Hawaii's field for two hours and it felt so good to get going. The ladies were excited and we had a great day of practice. We focused primarily on the fundamentals...a ton of ground balls, fly balls, hitting and the pitchers worked out in the pens. We had a lot of grass stained and dirty shirts for the laundry that night. Good stuff.

Wednesday night we headed to our Luau. What a great night. The team was treated to a drive by of the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ship that was docked in the local harbor then headed over the the Luau were we were greeted by beautiful Hula girls. The dinner was fabulous and the show was even better. Jessenia Andujar, who is never afraid to strut her stuff on the dance floor along with Jill Murphy made it up on stage for a Hula it Coach House bias...but they were the best up there! :)

Thursday was a practice day as well. We found ourselves back over at Hawaii, once again just sharpening our fundamentals. It was another solid practice and the ladies are excited about the start of the tournament. The Bonnies take on the Rainbow Wahine at 6:00pm (11:00pm EST). All is well...I will keep everyone up to date on scores and the action. I will post pictures of our Luau soon. The weather has been outstanding!

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  1. I'm afraid you spoke too soon about the weather :(

    Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be OK