Saturday, April 23, 2011

A10 Standings

Weather has played too big of a role...something needs to change.
Fordham 12-4
Temple 11-3
Umass 8-3
St. Joe's 7-3
Charlotte 9-5
Dayton 10-7
St. Louis 9-7
St. Bonaventure 6-10
George Washington 3-9
Rhode Island 1-14
LaSalle 0-12

1 comment:

  1. All TURF field verses a field with mud and standing water on it from the past two days. Plus...if you noticed, baseball got through five innings before a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm ended their day. We were scheduled to play at 4pm. We would never had made it.
    Come check our GRASS Lacrosse field...that still has standing water on it.
    We could use some help fundraising for a new turf field...want to help?