Monday, February 13, 2012

Upstate Tournament Recap

Hali Enderby was named to the All-Tournament Team. Hali batted .333 on the weekend with a double and triple, while knocking in 4 runs.
The Bonnies traveled to South Carolina to take on Ohio, Detroit and Upstate at the Upstate Tournament in Spartanburg, SC. It is the earliest start to our season ever and it showed. The dirt, wind and cold is not the same as the controlled temps and lighting in the RC and Butler gym. We made our share of mistakes but we leaned lessons that will help us get better as the year moves forward.
We need to look to the process and not the results of what will happen. We also need to understand that perfection is not possible. We are going to make mistakes. When we do...we WILL learn from them and move on...not dwell on them. Softball is not a game of's a game of consistency. We WILL fail. We WILL succeed. If we balance the two, we WILL achieve consistency and we WILL learn to win.
We leave for Florida February 22nd. Our first game is against Mt. Saint Mary's, a school coached by former Bonnie greats, Anna Nagro and Christine Keleher. I am really excited to see them both again! Hope to see everyone in Florida!

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