Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unfortunate Changes to this Blog...

Unfortunately I am no longer allowing for comments on this blog. In today's world it is easy to hide behind a computer and be negative and degrading to others while no one knows who you are. Comments were left on the blog recently that upset many of our players. These comments were VERY insensitive to a couple other players seeing what they were going through personally at the time and I am taking steps to protect them from that kind of talk.

I welcome all of you to keep reading up on the Bonnies. This year's team has a chance to be very special and our 8-8 start is the best start we have had in years. Our next tournament is in Nashville Tennessee and we are looking forward to the practice week ahead to prepare for a successful trip. Look for our Florida trip recap coming soon and a look ahead to the Tennessee State Tournament! GO BONAS!!

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