Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Future of SBU Athletics

The future is quickly approaching and the Bona Nation is experiencing a re-birth of extraordinary potential.  The above clip is only the first part of a vast vision that all of us who love SBU have been waiting for.  It has been said that if you did not or do not attend St. Bonaventure then you will never understand the sacrifices that both the student body, the faculty and the student-athletes share when if comes to facility needs across the campus. 

Thanks to the administration, the work of the faculty and generous giving by the Alumni, the past several years have seen a growth on campus not seen since early in its birth.  A library addition, an over haul of the dining facility, a new science building, a fitness center and now a new finance building schedule to be opened in the fall of 2013 are all adding to a vibrant collegiate experience on campus.

The planned facilities for soccer/lacrosse/rugby and for softball are on their way to becoming reality.  The new facilities will only enhance the college experience for the whole student body and will add a new vigor to the athletic endeavor on campus. 

Please watch the attached video and help us realize our dreams and goals.  We need YOUR help!  Help us fund raise.  Point us in the direction of those who might be willing to help or become a Bona Backer and support us on our journey.  You will be helping generations of students realize their dreams and goals.  Just your enthusiasm alone for the project and sharing the video above will help us spread the word.  Your support is needed and so very much appreciated.

I have had the privilege to coach at SBU for over 20 years and in all that time the Alumni and our boosters, when asked, have never let me down.  We (I) need you all one more time.  Thank you for all your support over the years and I know that together, we will make an extraordinary future for Bonnies everywhere!  GO BONAS!

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