Saturday, December 27, 2014


The St. Bonaventure University Softball Field Project is entering into the home stretch. The "Softball Stadium" will be all turf and will be able to host softball games all spring, summer and fall.
The field will be a 1.4+ million dollar project that will be the center of the southern tier's fast pitch softball. I envision college games, high school games, and summer ball games all being played on the new field with a beautiful new scoreboard capable of showing stats, pictures of the players, music and even REPLAYS! New seating behind the backstop with great views and access for everyone. An event...not just a game. I wish to see every young softball player to experience what it is like to play on a true NCAA Division I facility.
We are looking for investors to help us finish the dream. We have been given a few wonderful and generous gifts to get us half way there. However, we still need the other half and are running out of time. If we are going to start this project in May or September, we need a few more major investors to come forward. I am looking for YOUR help in either investing in the futures of 100's of young ladies or helping us pinpoint and solicit investors.
Please...if you have any contacts that would be willing to invest in this project or just would like to support women athletics or you are capable of giving a major gift, it would mean the world to all of us. We are so close!! Let's make this happen for our kids and for generations of St. Bonaventure athletes. Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you! - Mike

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