Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trying this again...

I am going to try this blogging thing one more time. The last time I even wrote anything on the board was before we took our Florida trip. Back in FEBRUARY!!

How did the season turn out? How does a 1-16 start sound? It was not a pretty sight but through it all , the team kept their wits about them and knew that if they could win their A10 games we would make our fourth trip in the past five years to the Atlantic 10 Championships. Only four teams have achieved that level of success in that time: SBU, Umass, Fordham and Charlotte. Low and behold after a 12 inning, heart pounding, infuriating and unbelievable win in the last game of the regular season we succeeded in reaching our goal of making the championships. A 4-3 win against Temple sent us packing to New York City and the campus of Fordham University!

The championships did not turn out the way we wanted but the season was memorable and one that I will not forget. I pushed the team close to their limit at times but they always found away to respond when they most needed. That is a tribute to my staff and all the players. It was an absolute team effort. We underachieve for the first time in many seasons. Something I mean to rectify going into the 2009-2010 season.

I am optimistic about the coming year and see us maintaining our elite status in the conference. We only need to treat EVERY game like it is our last and we will be a team that no team wants to play. A team that will show its true talent every day with no complaints or excuses at the end of the day.

I am a week from heading out on the recruiting trail. I will see you all out there on the road! I will stay in touch. - Coach Threehouse

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