Monday, April 30, 2012

GW and Senior Day...

The day started out extremely disappointing.  We have had chance after chance this year to demonstrate our will to win and unfortunately we have not met that challenge very well.  As a coach, you want to believe you have answers but for this one I can't sugar coat it...We got beat...plain and simple.  We did not put up much of a fight or effort and any aspect of the game.  All we can do from this point on is keep trying to find the winning combination of talent and attitude.  At the end of the is totally my responsibility as Head Coach.  After all we have been through...we still have a shot, it just takes us playing our best for 4 games in Philadelphia.  I can't ask for anything more than our best but we have to be willing to give nothing but our best.  If we do that, I can live with any result. 

The Day ended much better than it started.  We celebrated our five seniors, Ashley Nowak, Brittany Storch, Diana Phalon, Kristin Sullivan and Brooke Frey.  All five have stuck out their four years through good and tough times.  They have supported each other at every move and have become friends for life.  The pictures are of our celebration of their senior day and the celebration dinner that followed.  In order: Ashley Nowak, Diana Phalon, Brittany Storch, Kristin Sullivan and Brooke Frey.  Congratulations, Ladies!

I want to thank all the parents that brought food that helped make the day so special and for Rick Rohan for taking and sharing these pictures.